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                   The Commodore 64 was cutting edge PC technology in 1982
                                            but you wouldn’t use one today,
            so why use 1980’s technology to test today’s critical piping systems?

        SoniTech's Lean and Green Predictive Maintenance Program can help
     prevent unnecessary expenditures related to pipe system failures causing
   loss or damage to equipment, inventory, or data; lost time; or risk to human life.

  Specializing in non-invasive detection and mapping
           of internal pipe wall integrity concerns:

- MIC and general corrosion build-up
- Pitting
- Velocity erosion
- General wall loss
- Ice obstruction
- Water or air pockets

Our Ultrasonic Guided Wrap Wave (ULGW) Predictive Maintenance Program can non-invasively and accurately scan the internal walls of your pipes with LITTLE to NO impact on your daily operations, thereby providing you with the necessary tools to make a fact-based decision regarding the condition of your system, helping you prevent a catastrophic failure, and saving your company from unnecessary expenses.

Think you don’t have a problem? Neither did the company whose pipe is shown above. The fact is that ALL metallic pipes corrode.

The pipe shown above looks pristine from the outside but the inside tells a very different story. Water tests, corrosion coupons, pressure tests, or external visual inspections are not sufficient techniques for these critical systems.

SoniTech’s highly detailed reports will show you exactly where your problem areas reside with a color coded map representing good and bad ares within your system(s), quantitative and qualitative data with actual scan signatures for each scan point, and reference marks on your pipe showing the exact location of each reading.

With this level of detail, you will have the precise fact-based data needed to know exactly which sections of pipe are in need of further attention and which sections are in good working order; helping prevent failure of your piping systems and eliminate unnecessary spending, ultimately saving your company money and possibly even saving lives.